The 10 Hardest-Working Cities in America

The 10 Hardest-Working Cities in America
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Working hard or hardly working? If you’re like most American workers, the answer is you’re working pretty hard!

However, there is no denying that some cities have a more “dog eat dog” pace. Whether you’re curious if your city is one of them, or maybe you long for a city with a better work-life balance, we hit the data to find where workers are burning the candle at both ends.

To determine the hardest-working cities in each state, we ranked just shy of 4,000 cities on:

  • Average hours worked
  • Average commute time
  • Workers per household (employed labor force divided by the number of households)
  • Labor force participation rate

All of our data came from the most recent American Community Survey from the Census Bureau.

While time may not always equal work output, it is a good look into just how much of their lives people spend making a living (or getting to work to make a living).

Following are the hardest-working cities in the U.S.

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