The 10 Best Cities for Tech Jobs

The 10 Best Cities for Tech Jobs
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Are you dreaming of fixing computers or even designing tech for NASA, but not sure where to apply?

While Silicon Valley is a great place to start for the tech job scene, we’ve also found some other developing tech hubs that might suit your lifestyle better.

The Northern California area may have held the tech spotlight for a while, but now the jobs are expanding to other areas of the country. If you are interested in pursuing a tech job, just know that you do have other options.

We ranked over 300 cities on:

  • The increase in tech jobs
  • The overall percentage of tech jobs

We measured tech jobs using information from the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent American Community Survey data sets, 2014-2018. We then compared it with the prior dataset to see the growth.

First, we examined the increase in tech jobs to see which cities were seeing the biggest boom. The more rapidly jobs are added, the more likely that opportunities are available and the more desirable you may be in the job market.

We determined the number of residents who have jobs in computer science, engineering and other technical fields. One limitation to the approach is this does look at who lives in a city, and some of these workers may be commuting to other cities for work.

After that, we examined what percentage of workers in a city are tech workers. While growth is great, if a 100% increase is merely an increase from five people to 10, it’s not that impressive. But a stronger tech community is a promising sign for future startups and growth.

Based on our analysis, these cities are the best places to find a growing number of tech jobs.

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