9 Retailers That Want to Buy Your Clutter

9 Retailers That Want to Buy Your Clutter

You know the golden rule of decluttering: If you haven’t worn or used it in a full year, it’s time to let go.

Of course, it’s not always that easy. There are items that have sentimental value, of course, but there also are things that were such a splurge, you can’t stand the thought of throwing away money. So don’t. Many retailers will buy used items from you, allowing you to recoup some of their cost.

The following retailers will give you cash or store credit for your clutter — from jackets and golf clubs to books and electronics.

Note: Some of these retailers have paused their trade-in programs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Others are accepting trade-ins online but not in stores during the pandemic. And a couple of them are even offering more money or credit than usual for online trade-ins.

1. Amazon

Categories that are eligible for the Amazon Trade-In program include:

  • Amazon devices
  • Cellphones
  • Gaming
  • Books

Visit the Amazon Trade-In program webpage and click on the type of item you want to trade in to find out how much Amazon would give you for it.

If you proceed with the trade-in, Amazon will pay you via Amazon gift card. In some cases, you will receive instant payment. In other cases, Amazon will give you the gift card after it receives and appraises your item.

You will have to package up and ship your items to Amazon to trade them in, but there are no fees. Amazon will give you a prepaid shipping label.

2. Best Buy

Ready for the next iPhone? The Best Buy Trade-In program will take your old one. In fact, Best Buy accepts a variety of electronics, including:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Gaming hardware
  • PC laptops
  • Samsung mobile devices
  • Microsoft Surface devices
  • Video games
  • Smartwatches

Visit the Best Buy Trade-In program webpage and check out the “Estimate your trade-in value” section to gauge what your item is worth. Then, turn it in for a Best Buy gift card at a participating store or online.

Coronavirus note: Best Buy has temporarily suspended in-store trade-ins, but you can still do trade-ins online. You start this process by using the online estimator and then mail in your item. You will be able to print out a free shipping label.

3. GameStop

GameStop accepts several items, including the following:

  • Video games
  • Gaming systems
  • Phones
  • Tablets

Turn in devices at a local GameStop, and choose cash or store credit. Be mindful, though: Trade promotions — which are listed on GameStop’s trade webpage — change frequently.

Coronavirus note: Some GameStop locations are temporarily closed.

4. Half Price Books

Sometimes, it pays to hold on to things so you can sell them later. Half Price Books buys all sorts of:

  • Books
  • Music, including CDs and LPs
  • Magazines
  • Movies
  • Comics
  • Collectibles
  • Games
  • Electronics

You can sell your merchandise at a store — but not an outlet location. Half Price Books will give you cash.

Coronavirus note: Half Price Books stores are currently closed.

5. Patagonia

Patagonia is so dedicated to reducing waste that the outdoor-gear retailer created Worn Wear. This is where you can shop for gently used Patagonia clothing and luggage or trade in your own Patagonia clothing and luggage for credit.

You can use the credit at Patagonia stores, Patagonia.com and WornWear.com Trade-ins are only accepted at Patagonia stores, though.

Coronavirus note: Patagonia has temporarily suspended its trade-in program. “As soon as it is safe to resume operations, we will be back up and running,” the Worn Wear site says.

6. Staples

Through the Staples Tech Trade-In program, you get store credit. Eligible trade-in items include:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops

You can visit a Staples store to make the swap or do everything online. If you choose the latter, Staples will provide a free shipping label so you can send the retailer the used item.

7. Target

With the Target Trade-In Program, you can swap the following items for a Target gift card:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Consoles
  • Wearables
  • Speakers
  • Gift cards

You can mail your item to Target, or find a participating store.

Coronavirus note: Target’s program is currently offering an additional 10% in trade-in value to those who trade in online rather than in stores. So, if the program values your old phone at $100, you would receive $110 for it instead. Use promo code “STAY SAFE” for the extra 10%.

8. TGW

Golfers, take note: TGW (The Golf Warehouse Online Store) takes old clubs.

TGW’s online trade-in process includes free shipping. Once your trade-in is received, TGW will send you a gift certificate.

9. Walmart

Gadgets to Gift Cards is Walmart’s trade-in program for used electronics, including:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Game consoles
  • Voice speakers

First, visit the Gadgets to Gift Cards webpage to find out how much your device is worth. You then can ship it with a prepaid shipping label. Once the trade-in is approved, Walmart will email you the value of your device on a Walmart e-gift card.

Coronavirus note: Walmart’s program, which is operated by the same third-party company that operates Target’s program, is currently offering an additional 10% in trade-in value for these online transactions. Use promo code “STAY SAFE” to get the extra 10%.

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