8 Tips to Negotiate Permanent Work-From-Home Arrangements

8 Tips to Negotiate Permanent Work-From-Home Arrangements
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Millions of previously office-bound employees started working from home when COVID-19 took the world unawares.

Although the sudden switch wasn’t without its roadblocks, the benefits of working from home have become apparent to even the biggest skeptics.

So much so that many companies are incorporating remote work into their long-term plans.

But even though the pandemic was in many ways the tipping point for remote and flexible work, the reality is that some companies may still want employees to return to the office.

So, what do you do if you’ve come to enjoy working from home and truly feel that remote work is the future of work, but your employer wants you back in the office?

Fortunately, finding a way to continue working from home may not require switching companies.

The following are several tips to negotiate permanent work-from-home employment in your current role.

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