11 Companies That Hire for Remote Nursing Jobs

11 Companies That Hire for Remote Nursing Jobs
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This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.

Working remotely as a nurse may have been more of a pipe dream in the past. But because of technology and the quickly growing acceptance of virtual work in many industries — along with the global pandemic highlighting the vital importance of health care positions — work-from-home nursing jobs are much more prevalent than ever.

Remote nurses provide telephone support, advice and follow-up services to patients, and they can also work in case management and recruiting. Remote nurses help make it easier for elderly and immunocompromised patients, as well as patients living in rural areas far from health care facilities, to access care.

The majority of remote nursing positions on FlexJobs, a subscription service for job seekers that features flexible and remote jobs, are a combination of remote work and travel and may have location requirements.

Following are several companies that hire for remote and work-from-home nursing jobs.

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